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Springbank and Cadenhead Team Touch Down!

Presented by Ronald Watson and Cameron McGeachy

Does this distillery need any introduction? One of Scotland’s most iconic producers, Springbank Distillery is located in Campbeltown where they take pride in making hand crafted spirit from 100% floor malted barley. Pioneers of three single malt brands each showcasing a distinctively different flavour profile (Hazelburn, Springbank, Longrow) and owner of Independent Bottler Cadenhead.
This may well be the tasting of the year.


Tuesday 27 February at 6.30pm
$79 per person


Hazelburn Oloroso 47.1%
Springbank Bourbon 55.8%
Springbank Local Barley 10 year old 57.3%
Longrow (No Age Statement) 46%
Springbank 15 year old 46%
Cadenhead’s Glenrothes 20 year old 51.3%
Cadenhead’s Glengoyne 21 year old 52.9%

PLUS Cadenhead’s shop exclusives delivered direct from Campbeltown available by the dram after the tasting.