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Lockdown Whisky Flight: “Rockin’ Drams & Toe Tappin’ Tunes”


Rockin’ Drams and Toe Tappin’ Tunes”


This week we look through one of the earliest forms of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Rockabilly. Rockabilly comes about as a fusion of country and blues, beefed up with overdrive guitars and an up-tempo walking bass line. Initially popularised by artists like Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, and Little Richard, Rockabilly has influenced many modern styles like punk, as well as sub-genres of rockabilly like psychobilly and punkabilly. So lace up your blue suede shoes and boogie til’ the sun comes up.


SMWS 55.63 “Packed with intensity” 14 year old, 1st fill ex-rye whiskey hogshead finish, 53.8%

Nose: Rolled oats and honey spill out of the glass while we get excited by the rum and raisin ice-cream and fresh nectarines. A feint note of Violin bow rosin, that reminds me of a hot-rod walking bass line. After some time in glass we get a touch of lime zest and eucalyptus, which is followed by fresh jasmine flowers.

Palate: On the front palate, we are drinking a vanilla malt milkshake with a dusting of nutmeg, which is followed by a hot cinnamon doughnut. On the mid palate all the grain spice comes forward, with a feint note that is reminiscent of a bold American rye whiskey, like dill pickles or kefir lime leaf. On the back palate, this dram dries right out, leading us back to the nose of the whisky, beckoning the glass back to our lips.

Finish: Dry baking spice and coconut husk.


  • Song: Red Hot
  • Album: Red Hot / Pearly Lee
  • Artist:Billy Lee Riley


Bakery Hill “Eldorado” cask strength, ex-Bourbon/ex-Apera cask, 60%

Nose: Like a roaring, overdriven Gretsch, this whisky exploded out of the gate. Jam doughnuts and Dr. Pepper at the milk bar, In the distance, the chef is toasting a four cheese sandwich. We come back to the doughnuts after some time in glass, a fresh dusting of cinnamon sugar and a sugar glaze.

Palate: Electrifying…… go Greased Lighning! Huge amounts of oak on the palate, for Bakery Hill at least, but I am not mad about it either. Vanilla and honey comb lead the palate, with hints of those strawberry jam filled doughnuts dusted with cinnamon sugar. Almond brittle and kola nut hit the back palate.

Finish: Walnuts and cinnamon doughnuts.



Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch 007, 1st fill ex-oloroso sherry casks, 59.9%

Nose: Fresh leather jackets and orange oil rubbed into the rosewood fretboard of my telecaster. A very old glass of oloroso sherry gets poured while we snack on Oreos. After some time in glass we get a touch of mild curry powder coating a lamb shoulder. A bloody belter if you ask me.

Palate: Wine gums and port wine jelly lead the palate, a baked red apple pie and marmalade on toast follow swiftly on the mid-palate. A beautiful oily texture, hits every part of the palate. On the back palate, we get dark chocolate coated cherry liqueurs, some fresh blackberries and toasted coconuts husk.

Finish: Kirsch Liqueur and Pain au chocolat.


  • Song: Maniac Lover
  • Album: Raw Deal
  • Artist: The Hillbilly Moon Explosion


Caol Ila 8 year old small batch, Re-charred & Re-filled hogsheads by James Eadie, 46%

Nose: So many peanut shells, its reminiscent of the floor of a Lone Star saloon. That is not all the shells, we also get a whack of oyster shells. Pressed sugar cane juice on the beach in Fiji, black rock beaches and fresh pressed green apple juice come to the party after time in glass.

Palate: On the front palate, white sugar and roasted peanuts, which leads to the coastal minerality we expect from young Caol Ila. This is followed by a sweet lemon tart and shortbread. Just a really solid dram!

Finish: Hot tar poured on a cold night and peanut butter.


  • Song:  Human Fly
  • Album: Off the bone
  • Artist: The Cramps