Yushan Signature Bourbon Cask Single Malt 46% 700ml


The new single malt from Nantou distillery in Taiwan, under the Yushan Signature range.

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Yushan Signature Bourbon Cask is distilled at Taiwan’s Nantou Distillery in a Scottish Forsyth still and aged in a bourbon cask. Yushan is named after the eponymous mountain, the highest in Taiwan.

Situated in Nantou Hsien, Taiwan, Nantou Distillery was founded by the Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation, a Taiwan State-owned manufacturer of tobacco and alcohol, in 1978. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that it produced its first whisky.

Before 2010, the mash, wort and wash were made in a nearby brewery which Nantou stopped using when it installed its own German mash tun and washbacks (with a 15,000 litres capacity) in the distillery. The fermentation run typically lasts around 60 to 72 hours, before the spirit is transferred into the appropriate pot stills. Nantou currently has four stills, manufactured by Forsyths of Rothes in Speyside, and was installed in the distillery with varying capacities. One is able to distil 7,000 litres, two are able to distil 5,000 litres each and the final still is able to distil 2,000 litres.

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