“The Grand Cru of Kentucky” Boilermaker pack


1x 750ml Beer under cork & cage and 2x 30ml Juice bags of Whisky.

A special release beer to celebrate Good Beer Week at home.

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Good Beer Week might not be happening in 2020, but you can still enjoy the finest Boilermaker pairings at home with some mates!

This White Rabbit Sour Red, “Grand Cru” bottled in 2018 and released late in 2019. 

Maturing a beer in a barrel using fresh, wild fermenting shiraz grape juice is part science and part luck. Unlike regular sour reds which are blended from a range of beer stock of different ages, this sour red Grand Cru is created using onl barrel aged stock from the most recent year. In this case the 2018 vintage, with a charge of Shiraz juice from Provenance Wines.

The Grand Cru of Kentucky comes in the form of Blanton’s Straight from the cask bourbon. Blanton’s is produced at the Buffalo trace distillery from their “high-rye” mash bill. These casks are stored in Warehouse H where the likes of Pappy Van Winkle are matured.

Whisky: Blanton’s Straight from the Cask, single barrel bourbon 65.8% | 30ml (great on it’s own but you may want to add a little water)
Beer: White Rabbit Sour Red “Grand Cru” 2018 vintage 7.7% | 750ml Bottle under cork and cage

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