Tennessee Whiskey “Musicienne” 8 Year Old by Acorn 58.6% 700ml


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An 8-year-old single cask of Tennessee whiskey, bottled at cask strength by Japanese Indie bottler, Acorn Ltd.

Acorn is a small but well-known independent bottler based in Sakado City, Saitama. While its focus is bottling single cask whiskies under the Acorn’s Natural Malt brand for the Japanese market, its products are now sold more widely with distribution in Germany, The Netherlands, Australia and Taiwan.

Tennessee whiskey is actually a type of bourbon whiskey that cannot be called bourbon due to legislation. Matured in the U.S. and bottled in Scotland when it was 8 years old at a cask strength of 58.6%. Affixed with the romantic ‘Musicienne’ label of Acorn Ltd.

Tasting notes:

Notes of ovaltine and malt milkshakes with dark chocolate and cola lollies that deepens into developed caramels with mature oak characters of concentrated vanilla and baking spice.