‘Support Local’ Whisky Flight


A tasting pack of three whisky-filled juice bags

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1. Spring Bay Bourbon Cask 46% | 30ml

Sweet and delicate, like rubbing your face in clean laundry. From the beautiful south east coast of Tasmania is the little town of Rheban. With very delicate spirit to begin with and a syrup like texture, this example is proof that Australian whisky isn’t restricted to being aged in Tawny or Port casks. 

2. Joadja American Oak Oloroso Cask 46.5% | 30ml

A dessert dram. Have a blanket ready, you’ll be calm and sleepy soon. Made in New South Wales southern highlands, the whisky made at Joadja focuses on the Spanish heritage of the owners who have a credible link to the sherry trade. This whisky beautifully captures the sultana like grape characters of the sherry. 

3. Bakery Hill Peated Malt 46% | 30ml

For drinking whilst listening and laughing to an Uncle’s very long story. One of the stalwarts of the Australian distilling scene and certainly the industries most consistent whiskies over the long term. Father and son team the Baker’s proudly age their malts in Ex-Jack Daniels casks. Every bottle is still the product of a single cask. 

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