Starward “Two-Fold” Double Grain Whisky 40% 700ml


Two-Fold is a “Double Grain” whisky matured in red wine casks from the Melbourne based Starward distillery.

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Two-Fold is Starward’s new approach to design a whisky that is incredibly accessible and easy drinking.

Taking their classic single malt that is known as “Nova” and blending that with a wheat spirit distilled in N.S.W. and matured in the same red wine casks in the distillery in Port Melbourne.

The single malt whisky is double distilled using Australian malted barley. Borrowing from the craft brewing scene, they ferment the barley with brewers’ yeast for an extra bold flavour. Then they installed custom water jackets on their giant copper stills to better control the distillation. It’s tricks like this that mean they can pick the fruity characters we like and keep each batch consistent.

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