Silvano S. Samaroli “The No Age Declared” Blended Scotch Whisky 43% 700ml


A rare and collectable bottling of Blended Scotch by the famous Silvano S. Samaroli.

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This bottling is the last ever blend created by the legendary Silvano S. Samaroli, bottled in 2016.

Samaroli was a malt whisky visionary, forming the first independent bottling company of Scottish whisky outside of the United Kingdom in 1968 when he was just 29 years old. The first Samaroli labelled whiskies were Cadenhead dumpy bottlings released in 1979 have gone on to become some of the highest valued bottles of whisky in the world.

Labelled as a pioneer of the No Age Statement whiskies which are throughout the industry today, Samaroli’s legacy is a very special story indeed.

The NO-AGE is a harmonious vatting of malt and grain whiskies matured from twelve to over forty-nine years in a series sherry barrels and oak casks, made solely by Scotland’s last artisan distilleries, which still use the same processes as a hundred years ago.

One of the more incredible blends the team has tasted in a long while.

A collectors piece which will be referred to in the future.

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