“Pirate’s Breakfast Juice” Vs. “Sheer Opulence”: Dram Pair


A rare opportunity to try two spirits from the exact same cask!

2x Whisky & Alement Juicebags with 30ml of whisky in each.

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Our new single cask, 72.89 “Pirate’s Breakfast Juice”, paired to the exact rum that was in the cask prior to finishing.

1. SMWS 72.89 “Pirate’s Breakfast Juice” 7 year old 1st fill ex-Nicaraguan rum cask finish: 61.3% | 30ml: This whisky was finished in a cask that previously held SMWS R8.5 “Sheer Opulence” – “Whisky & Alement found pine-lime and banana split with waffle cone triangles. Also, tinned pear juice and sparkly malt spice. In Scotland, the panel noted treacle coated beeswax, sweet vanilla custard and dotted fruits such as pineapple, green apple and ripe pear. We all found this hot at first, but it opened up with aplomb with oodles of vanilla, coconut, almond cake, rum and raisin ice cream and lemon sponge. With decent time in the glass, white chocolate, pineapple jelly and chewy malt. Matured for six years in a bourbon barrel before being transferred to a Nicaraguan Rum cask.” SMWS tasting notes.

2. SMWS R8.5 “Sheer Opulence” 13 year old refill ex-Bourbon barrel matured Rum: 68.4% | 30ml: “Aromas of old, well preserved, wood mingling with varnish, oil, wax and paint made us feel that we had entered a workshop where antique furniture was being restored. On the palate very substantial and rewarding like a Christmas pudding with traditional brandy butter and homemade spiced kumquat marmalade. After dilution the scent of the oily orange peel zest was soon followed by a banana spring roll with butterscotch sauce and on the palate now luscious velvety smooth and sweet like a clafoutis, a classic French dessert of baked custardy pancake made with rum-soaked dried apricots, figs and raisins served with whipped cream.” SMWS tasting notes.

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