Overeem “Extended Cut” by Whisky & Alement 48% 700ml


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Reduced to 48% over a period of 10 weeks to gently integrate water and spirit.


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Water is at the core of every Overeem Whisky. From rain growing barley to mashing grain and ultimately diluting the finished product ready for bottling. Following in the footsteps of late 19th century blenders Whisky & Alement have selected this exceptional apera cask & stipulated the water be added incrementally in an Extended Cut in the months leading up to bottling. This labour intense addition allows the natural oils and alcohol to slowly integrate and be maintained.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Jammy dodgers and Fry’s Turkish delight.Ginger snap biscuits and butter pastry with plum jam.

Palate: A syrupy texture of crystallised ginger at first, that turns to toasty oak vanillas and cardamom. Honey Joys fresh from the oven.

Finish: Baking spices from beginning to end with gentle sherry influences returning that are never winey.