Orkney 22 year old by Chorlton 53.4% 700ml


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1 of 311 bottles from a single hogshead.


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Release:2021 - 2022

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This “Orkney distillery” bottling is a product of the Highland Park distillery. One of the most northerly Scottish distilleries, Highland Park still use locally sourced peat and floor malt a good proportion of their consumption on site which is very rare and unique. This gives Highland Park a perceivable link to terroir better than most Scottish distilleries.

Nose: Uncooked butter pastry and sweetened lap sang sou chong tea. Baked apple pie and distant peat.
Palate: Remarkably gentle on the palate at first, oily and chewy spirit gives way to a beautifully integrated peat profile that Highland Park does incredibly well. Classic, solid Highland Park that is nuanced and balanced.