October Outturn tasting pack from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society 10x15ml Juice bags


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The only way to try the entire SMWS outturn before it hits the shelves!


Release:September 2021

All of the October released drams from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society are now bagged up and we’ve added a virtual catch up to this months offering so that members can catch up and sample the outturn preview together.

Join Matt Bailey and Julian White to taste through (most of) the October Outturn on Thursday September 30th at 7pm.

(A QR code linking you to the Outturn magazine and to the Zoom meeting are included in the pack)

Please carefully consider which drams you would like to consume on the evening as this is a large volume of alcohol.

Pack includes 10x15ml Juice bags

72.100: “Rum in an old tea chest” Malt of the month 7 year old whisky finished in a Panamanian rum cask – 62.2%

44.142: “A Mediteranean feast” 14 year old, two year refill Moscatel barrique finish – 62.3%

G9.4: “Mr. Pineapple and Ms. Coconut” 20 year old, refill barrel 62.1%

10.210: “Herbs ablaze” 14 year old, refill ex-bourbon barrel – 56%

53.364: “Port Askaig meets Sanlucar” 10 year old, refill hogshead – 57.9%

R11.11: “Pushing the frontiers of funk” 7 year old, 2nd fill barrel 66.9%

7.253: “Who ate all the cakes?” 16 year old, 1st fill bourbon barrel – 56.9%

77.69: “Getting high on your own supply” 11 year old, refill hogshead – 58%

148.1: “Apera for everyone!” 7 year old, 1st fill Apera barrique – 58.3%

42.54: “Adventures by the sea” 15 year old, refill barrel – 61.6%