October Outturn “Raspberry Pie, Mahogany and Docks By The Sea”: Whisky flight


This flight is a quick dissection of the October Outturn from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society!

3x Whisky & Alement Juicebags with 30ml of whisky in each.

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A quick dissection of the October Outturn from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society! 

1. SMWS 7.236 “A sticky tumble in apple crumble” 15 year old 1st fill Sauternes cask: 59.6% | 30ml: “An exceedingly soft nose tempted us with a tumble of vanilla and coconut alongside toffee apples and a glass of banana liqueur. Sticky notes of golden syrup tarts with marzipan joined hot apple crumble with custard and a good sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg. A touch of ginger tingled on the tongue before ripe cranberries and raspberries merged with peach yoghurt and honey on crumpets. Water delivered toffee and fudge, served with mugs of hot chocolate garnished with whipped cream and plenty of marshmallows. Finally, banana and butterscotch permeated through cherry and plum pie with oaky edges and a milk chocolate finish. After spending 13 years in an ex-bourbon barrel this was transferred to a 1st fill ex-sauternes barrique for the remainder of its maturation.” SMWS tasting notes.

2. SMWS 37.129 “A very big house in the country” 16 year old 2nd fill French oak hogshead: 57.4% | 30ml: “The nose evoked country house interiors – polished mahogany and chesterfields, cherry blossom and baskets of dried flowers, Anton Bergs and tiffin on the table with venison stew aromas coming from the kitchen. The palate was a mouth-drawing (but pleasant) experience – leather, pink peppercorns, red delicious, nicotine tar, black tea, dark chocolate, damson jam and green Chartreuse. The reduced nose (sweeter and softer) offered armagnac-soaked sultanas, dried figs, Vieille Prune, dragon fruit and zinfandel rosé. The palate now included limoncello, dried pineapple, salted chilli chocolate, angostura bitters and gooseberry tart. After 15 years in bourbon wood we shifted this into a second-fill French oak hogshead.” SMWS tasting notes.

3. SMWS 16.45 “Womble pie” 6 year old Re-charred hogshead: 66.3% | 30ml: “A rather bonkers initial aroma of dark soils, smoked plasticine, lashings of pickled mackerel and farmy cow sheds. Fire embers, game meats, mutton, smoked goat cheese, horse sweat and mud. Baled hay, hints of silage, smoked earth and BBQ brisket with a good dash of hot sauce. Water brought out even more funky and hefty farmyard aromas. Lots of autumnal sooty notes, smoked green peppers, charred vegetables, chipotle chilli, tractor engine parts, old hay lofts and sheep fank. The palate opened with sweet Thai green curry, smoked pork ribs, aged Belgian saison beers, Lapsang Souchong, smoked herring, herbal cigarettes and muddy fishing wellies. With water there emerged some kind of peated turnip with WD40, bike chains, boiler fug, old copper coins, chimney soot and fermented soy broth.” SMWS tasting notes.

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