“Liqueur Cherries and Caramel Jerseys” : Brandy flight


A trip through three incredible and unique brandies from three unique regions of the world.

3x Whisky & Alement Juicebags with 30ml of whisky in each.

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Distilled from wine, Brandy, is one of the worlds great spirits. Ranging from the soft and delicate flavours of Cognac, to the robust and rustic nature of Armagnac, and to the unique new world brandies of Australia, a world of flavour can be found in this flight!

1. Fins Bois Cognac 1988 by Jean Grosperrin: 45.2% | 30ml: Blend of two 1988 vintage Fins Bois Cognacs. One comes from a retired winegrower, located in the village of Ecoyeux, a few kilometres from the town of Saintes in Charente Maritime. He decided to allow part of his 1988 harvest to age by storing it under State control from March 6, 1989. The other Cognac, for about 1/3 of the cut, comes from a family of winegrowers still in activity. from the Matha region. The quality of the wines distilled in 1988 was “historic”.

2. Sullivans Cove XO Double Cask Brandy: 47.7% | 30ml: DCB01 is is a marriage of ten different casks, each aged for between nine and ten years in various French oak ex-tawny and American oak ex-Bourbon casks, 100, 200 and 300L. This brandy was distilled from a wide variety of Tasmanian wines including chardonnay, pinot noir, gewurztraminer, sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

3. SMWS A4.5 “A Cup O’ Kindness” 2005 vintage Armagnac: 47.9% | 30ml: A gorgeous single cask of Armagnac, which was distilled from Baco grapes that were grown by the Esperance distillery, and matured in Gascon black oak. The nose gives a warm embrace like an old acquaintance. There are blood orange madeleines covered with desiccated coconut and freshly cut figs on the side. Then a fizzy quality reminiscent of citrus sherbet and Love Heart fruit sweets, with the depth of cherry liqueur and chocolate bitters.

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