Linkwood 11 years re-charred hogshead by James Eadie 55.2% 700ml


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A single cask of Linkwood, matured in a re-charred hogshead, bottled by James Eadie.


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Release:Bottled in 2021

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With typical spirit characters of apples and cut grass, the Linkwood spirit has a fragrance and pungency about it. It is because of this character that Linkwood is prized by blenders. Delicate and thick, slow on the palate and great for long term maturation.

Nose: Fresh hay and dry mead, a savoury edge flows from the glass, like chicken salt on oven baked chips.

Palate: Wow, so many layers. Cherry cola, milky tea and flambéd banana.

Finish: Black cherry and bitter caramel.

James Eadie (1827-1904) was a Scottish brewer who established a significant brewery in 1854. Born near Gleneagles in Scotland, he was one of fourteen children and left school at the age of fourteen to work for his living.

Reported in local papers as a self-made man, Mr Eadie was a quiet individual whose hard work and indomitable perseverance earned him and his family a good living.

Aside from beer, the Eadie family had their own recipe for a Blended Scotch whisky, which has been thoughtfully recreated using the extensive ledgers left by Eadie. These ledgers named numerous distilleries and cask types which are still available today and these are what make up the bulk of the modern James Eadie brand today.