Level Brewing Dry Hopped Pilsner “Level Up” 6 PACK 4.7% 330ml STOCKTAKE CLEARANCE

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A crisp and true to style, bottom fermented pilsner. Crisp hopiness as it says on the tin!

Level Beer was founded in 2016 by Geoffrey Phillips, Jason Barbee and Shane Watterson, with a focus on balance.  Balanced beers for a balanced life.

As parents of young children these industry veterans know how hard it can be to balance work and family life. Their idea was to create a work/life balance for all of their customers, employees and community through beer. Level Beer strives to make the highest quality, most innovative, balanced beer they can; while doing so in a family friendly space, providing their employees with a great working environment, and helping to improve the community they are in. If you are going to dream, you might as well dream big!

Situated on 2 acres in Northeast Portland, Level Beer includes a tasting room, greenhouse beer garden, food carts, and a large outdoor space with games and a hop field!

The brewery has both a 20 barrel production brewhouse as well as a 2.5 barrel pilot system, allowing for experimentation and innovation.

Please come out and visit us in person, look for our products on draft, in bottles and in cans. We know you make a choice when you spend your money and we hope you choose to help us keep the dream of Level Beer alive and well!

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