Kinglake 80/20 Rule Whisky & Alement Exclusive 52% 500ml


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Distilled 7/12/20
Bottled 9/10/23
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Located in Kinglake, Victoria, and founded in 2018, Kinglake Distillery is family operated by Sam and Chantal Daniels. The distillery is one of Australia’s only certified carbon neutral distilleries, and took out the top gong as our most popular whisky of 2022!

Produced from a mash-bill of four different malts, three from Griffiths NSW, one of which is roasted to chocolate, together with a heavily peated malt from the Scottish borders in the UK.

This Whisky & Alement exclusive was blended by our team at the Kinglake distillery.

Nose: Ginger nut biscuits, waxy, coconut husk, seared maple bacon, milky English breakfast tea with honey and oat milk chai latte.
Palate: Creamy texture, develops into caramel notes reminiscent of a Caramello Koala, oat milk latte and almond croissant.
Finish: Caramels and baked goods – go on, go back for another sip!

Read more about Kinglake 80/20 rule here 

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