Japanese bottler Acorn Ltd. August collection: Whisky flight


Two Scottish single malts, one Irish Single malt and an American whiskey. All single casks by Japanese Indie bottler Acorn limited.

4x Whisky & Alement Juicebags with 30ml of whisky in each.

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New imports straight from the bottling hall!  Acorn Limited is the second oldest Independent bottler of Scotch whisky out of Japan. Mr. Tsuta released his first bottlings in 1999, keeping a low profile but a very high standard in quality. 

1. An Irish 17 year old Single Malt Whiskey by Acorn Ltd: 54.9% Likely from Cooley distillery, this Irish whiskey has a bit more get up and go than a lot of other examples out there with it’s spicy malt character and fruit forward flavours like a classic Irish malt usually presents. Grassy and fresh with a limey finish. Matured in a bourbon barrel and was bottled at a cask strength

2. Glen Keith 26 year old 1st fill Koval bourbon cask finish by Acorn Ltd: 50.7% Finishing in 1st fill ex-bourbon casks is a great way to add a big hit of flavour and sweetness to a whisky. After having reached quite a remarkable age already Mr. Tsuta had this Glen Keith re-racked into an Organic ex-bourbon cask from Koval distillery. It’s rare for a cask to be sold on with it’s naming still attached, but in this case it’s quite an asset.

3. Caol Ila 3 year old “Very Young” by Acorn Ltd: 61.3% It’s rare that a Caol Ila would be released at such a young age but here you have it. Sweet and clean, unadulterated by fancy wood and strangely syruppy on the palate.

4. Tennessee 8 year old “Musicienne” by Acorn Ltd: 58.6% Likely from the Dickel distillery, this single cask of Bourbon (though it can’t bear the name) whiskey was matured for the full 8 years in the U.S. before being transported to Scotland for bottling at natural cask strength. Think of ovaltine pieces and panela sugar, with orange rind and pipe tobacco.

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