Inchmurrin 23 years distilled at Loch Lomond Liquid Treasures 48.5% 700ml


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From the Living World collection of German bottler, Liquid Treasures.

Inchmurrin is the high cut point distillate from the pot stills at Loch Lomond distillery equipped with rectifying plates in the neck. Expect a fruity, light and sweeter style spirit.

Nose: Pavlova with passion fruit pulp on top! Banana split with waffle cone pieces and chalk candies. Carrot cake and green jellybeans.

Palate: More oaky and smokier than expected with the flavour of green leaves on the fire. Lemon grass and bamboo steamer baskets.

Finish: The smoke really makes itself known on the finish on the first taste but as you get further into a glass of this whisky the smoke really becomes better integrated.

Non-chill filtered and of natural colour.