Guyana Port Morant Rum 2003 bottled 2020 by Masam 53.5% 700ml


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From the last casks of the great Silvano. 1 of 177 bottles from the rarely used and seen Port Morant distillery in 2003.

A very special and rare opportunity to purchase a bottle of independent bottling history. Masam SRL is the legacy left behind by the great Silvano. Silvano’s wife Maryse, now manages his private collection of whisky casks, bottling them when they are ready.

This doubly rare rum was produced at the rarely used Port Morant distillery in Guyana on the banks of the Demerara river. Produced on wooden pot stills this rum is incredibly nuanced for such an age. There’s none of the funky high ester spirit like some other rums from this bottler. This one is all about the caramel and delicate integration from the oak.