Glenlossie 27 year old 1992 by Chorlton 51.2% 700ml


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Distilled 18th November 1992. Bottled from a hogshead. One of only 170 bottles.

Chorlton Whisky is aptly named after the location it was founded, Chorlton, Manchester. The company was founded by whisky lover David Bennett in 2017 after attending and hosting many community whisky tastings. Chorlton Whisky is now a world renowned independent bottler specialising in single cask whiskies for enthusiasts who have been drawn to his mythical labels and well known distilleries. Chorlton whiskies are rarely “finished” and usually fully matured in the one cask, beginning to end, often preferring to stick with the more orthodox ex-bourbon cask maturation over sherry and wine casks.