Glenfarclas 24 year old Milroys of Soho 50% 700ml


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A special 24 year old bottling of Glenfarclas, selected by Milroy’s of Soho.


From one of the legendary, family-owned Speyside distilleries, Glenfarclas, this 24 year old bottling was selected by Milroy’s of Soho, and bottled at 50% ABV. Glenfarclas is one of the last distilleries to hold on to their direct fired stills, as they believe it creates a weighty spirit, perfect for long term maturation in Jerez Sherry casks.

Nose: Chocolate oranges, figs in syrup and royal icing.
Palate: Dark toffee, almond butter, sweet and sour candies
Finish: Black berries, milk chocolate, lingering shortbread and black tea.

Milroy’s of Soho, opened in 1964 by Jack Milroy, originally as The Soho Wine Market. The store ran as the local, friendly off-licence selling Beaujolais, Macedonian reds, a small selection of blended scotch and four single malts. This all changed when Jacks brother, Wallace Milroy, joined the business in 1969. the two charismatic brothers grew the whisky collection and helped drive the public knowledge of whisky, to become perhaps the most influential whisky retailers in the world. What started out at 10 grew to 25, then 150; by 1993, when Jack sold the business, Milroy’s stocked nearly 600 single malts, and the shop’s fame was global. For their efforts, we thank both Jack and Wallace for helping promote our beloved sprit.