Glenburgie 25 year old Single cask by Wilson & Morgan 51.4% 700ml


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Only 224 bottles from a single cask. By Italian Independent bottler, Wilson & Morgan

Sometimes long maturations without any rush are the best. This delicate Speysider is an ethereal malt! Only 224 bottles.

Nose: Minerals and waxy white flowers. Fresh coconut and ripe tropical fruits like bananas and mango. Maple syrup and layers of complex sugars.

Palate: Chamomile tea and flavours of old school ex-bourbon cask maturation. Tons of coconut from the timber that never becomes cloying or dry. Toasty oak and beautifully hidden aromas of timber yards. Mango trifle with crushed biscuits.

Finish: Incredibly nuanced and delicate like an old whisky should be but with the depth and power of a youthful malt.