Glen Ord 8 years old by Chorlton Whisky 57.9% 700ml


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One of only 252 bottles from a 1st fill oloroso sherry hogshead, bottled at cask strength.


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Glen Ord is a rarely seen distillery despite being one of the largest is Scotland. 10’s of millions of litres of spirit are produced at the site yearly with most going straight into blended whiskies like Johnnie Walker. A distillate that usually lends it’s fruity sweetness to bourbon cask can also have the carry to feature in a sherry cask too.

Nose: Jam tarts, old school madeira and brandy butter served with Christmas plum pudding. It’s a jam packed nose! Pun intended.

Palate: A big whack of deep and bronzy sherried oak hits straight from the get go. It’s a dark and broody dram this, holding onto the flavours of berries from summer harvest. There was once a very delicious sherry in this cask and it’s plain to see on the whisky as well. Not as syrupy as some might think there’s a good balance of oak that some how doesn’t get astringent. Perhaps because of the huge sweetness it’s balanced.