Glen Elgin 9 years, 1st fill & Refill ex-bourbon casks by James Eadie 46% 700ml


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A small batch whisky from only 3x casks. All American oak hogsheads.

Bottled at cask strength, this whisky is non-chill filtered and of natural colour.

From the “Small batch” range of Independent bottler James Eadie.

Glen Elgin makes a very fruity new make spirit and the worm tubs give a silky mouth feel. Couple this fruitiness with 1st fill ex-bourbon casks and you’ve got a fruit salad in your glass.

Nose: Gorgeous notes of pine-lime ice creams and honey suckle blossoms. Crunchy nut cornflakes and warm vanilla caramel.

Palate: A soft and juicy beginning becomes lovely and waxy with flavours of lemon cream and yoyo biscuits. This is a whisky to drink with shortbread. Toasted sugars and almonds.

Finish: Finishes much the way it started, with subtle sugars and clean, well balanced timber character. Buttered toast with marmalade.

James Eadie (1827-1904) was a Scottish brewer who established a significant brewery in 1854. Born near Gleneagles in Scotland, he was one of fourteen children and left school at the age of fourteen to work for his living.

Reported in local papers as a self-made man, Mr Eadie was a quiet individual whose hard work and indomitable perseverance earned him and his family a good living.

Aside from beer, the Eadie family had their own recipe for a Blended Scotch whisky, which has been thoughtfully recreated using the extensive ledgers left by Eadie. These ledgers named numerous distilleries and cask types which are still available today and these are what make up the bulk of the modern James Eadie brand today.