Furneaux Distillery Co. 50/50 Flinders & Scottish Peated Bourbon Cask – FSPB1 48% 500ml


Batch 1 Peated release from the Furneaux Distillery

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The distillery, located on Flinders Island in the middle of the Bass Strait, was conceived for this very style of whisky! After visiting Islay in Scotland, famous for its peaty drams, Furneaux realised that Flinders Island too had – in abundance – the conditions to make a maritime peated whisky.

The peat on Flinders Island has come from succulent salt marsh herbs and swamp mats, bordered by an understory of heath and tussocks amongst coastal wattles, tea tree, and melaleucas. This gives it an intrinsically briny, earthy and unmistakably Tasmanian maritime flavour. A little softer than Scottish peat, the salt and spice is an amazing and unique character in any whisky we have seen.

Vanilla, tobacco and brown sugar on the nose, palate of porridge, orange, and light honey. The Scottish influence provides a bit more of the classically meaty peat profile on the front palate, which is supported by the warmer, softer spice and smoke from the endemic peat on the back. This whisky is beautifully balanced, and a wonderful meeting of both worlds.

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