Equipo Navazos La Bota 59 De Manzanilla Pasada “Capataz Rivas” 16% 750ml


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Manzanilla Pasada aged for an average of 15 years, produced by Equipo Navazos.


The origin of this incredible wine begins with Rafael Rivas in 1986 with a 15 butt solera, and a plan to create a well aged Manzanilla of exceptional quality to resemble the old wines of Sanlucar. To prevent the wine evolving into an Amontillado, Rafael Rivas carefully pampered the 15 butts, rarely touching them, with a minimal amount of wine.

This led to a wine with a slightly higher ABV, and an Average age of 15 years. A beautiful balance of oxidised and freshness. Absolutely wonderful.