Dailuaine 21 year old Single cask by Hart Brothers 52.8% 700ml


Distilled in 1999 and bottled 2020 by Hart Brothers independent bottlers.

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Dailuaine distillery produces vast amounts of spirit for well known blends of Diageo, its parent company. The spirit type from Dailuaine is meaty, savoury and heavy which usually lends the style to maturation in ex-sherry casks. Given the solid age of this whisky at 21 years, those meaty, savoury characters have had ample time to break down and create incredible complexity.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Orange sherbet and Cadbury Roses chocolates. Pineapple lumps and fancy wrapped soft toffees. Violets

Palate: Swathes of vanilla custard, sponge cake and jersey caramels.

Finish: Nuanced fruits and rich, creamy sugars that linger for minutes on the palate without drying out.



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