Croftengea 12 years by High Spirits 46% 700ml


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High Spirits is an Italian Independent bottler from Rimini, Italy. Nadi Fiori has selected some very famous bottlings of Scotch whisky over the last 40 years of bottling.

High Spirits has been run by Nadi Fiori since 1981 when he bottled his first cask of Glenlivet 1960 at cask strength. Now in it’s 40th year in the whisky industry, High Spirits has finally made it to Australia with the “Masters of Magic” range.

Nose: Beef stock cubes and smoked brisket. Fresh, garlic foccacia with flaked sea salt.

Palate: Sweet and chewy with lots of vanilla at first but as it moves down the tongue the huge wave of peat comes in. Almost akin to an Islay whisky in it’s smokiness. This is a big heavy dram for the peat lover.

Finish: Salty and coastal (even though Loch Lomond is inland) Home baked bannocks and charred damper. Hints of mineral and crushed rock.