“Butter Tablet and Pecan Pie” Boilermaker pack


A chewy and buttery Glenallachie in a W&A 30ml Juicebag matched with a can of IPA.

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Biscuity, Biscuity, Biscuity. This pairing is nutty and rich. The whisky was matured in a Chinquapin oak barrel which is a very rarely used type of American oak. Think bitter caramel, walnuts and autumn leaves. The beer is a heavy, malt driven IPA. Perfect for a night on the couch

Whisky: Glenallachie 11 year old Chinquapin barrel matured single cask | 55.8% | 30ml
Beer: Six String Brewing Co. “Space Hop Odyssey” IPA | ¬†6% | 375ml can

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