Bruichladdich (Port Charlotte) 2002 bottled 2020 by Masam (Samaroli) 54.5% 700ml


From the last casks of the great Silvano Samaroli. 1 of 177 bottles of heavily peated Bruichladdich 2002.

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A very special and rare opportunity to purchase a bottle of independent bottling history. Masam SRL is the legacy left behind by Silvano Samaroli. Silvano’s wife Maryse, now manages his private collection of whisky casks, bottling them when they are ready.

In what has to be one of the oldest Port Charlotte single casks on the market today, this heavily peated whisky smells of steam engines and old railways. Tarry rope and hessian and robust ashiness on the palate. There’s a huge amount of sweetness on offer once the peat subsides. It turns to salted caramel and kiln embers on the finish.




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