Bruichladdich (Lochindaal) 11 year old by Hidden Spirits 54.2% 700ml


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Distilled in 2009, matured in an ex-Bourbon cask until being bottled in 2021.


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Release:Bottled 2021

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Bruichladdich distillery has been pushing the boundaries of Islay whisky since 2001, when the distillery was taken over by Mark Reynier, a wine merchant from London, who forged the connection between Bruichladdich and French wineries, to create some incredibly unique wine cask matured whisky. He employed Jim McEwan, formerly of Bowmore, who was instrumental in the development of the Octomore brand. Bruichladdich produces a range of spirits, from gin, to unpeated single malt, and a range of peated whiskies, from Port Charlotte which is peated to 40ppm, to Lochindaal which is peated to 50ppm, and finally Octomore which is peated to over 80ppm.

Nose: Wow, so meaty, jerk chicken and seared fatty pork, slate fences by the seaside and red brick fire places. A serious Islay malt!
Palate: A sweet pecan fudge hits the front palate before becoming tarry and earthy. Quite dry on the mid palate, 90% dark chocolate and iron rich red earth. Finishing up with a sweet iced coffee.
Finish: Toasted walnuts and peanut shells, sandstone and cold sea air!

Hidden Spirits is a young Italian independent bottler, based in Ferrara, that was founded in 2013 by Andrea Ferrari, an enthusiastic whisky collector and blogger. Before founding the company, Andrea would travel to Scotland to visit distilleries, where he created close relationships, which allowed him to source casks directly from the source, rather than brokers. Each cask is meticulously selected, and labeled with an artwork depicting scenery from the surrounding area of the distillery, produced by Italian artists.