Boilermaker Mix Pack #2


A flavour matched tasting pack of 3 beers + 3 whiskies

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1. Deep southern flavoured overload

Whisky: Benriach 12 year old single cask 53.9% | 30ml
Beer: Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout | can

Benriach distillery in Speyside has benefited greatly from new ownership under Brown Forman who nurtured the single cask program after Billy Walker. This 12 year old port cask is a peated malt. A polarising matching with this Peanut butter chocolate milk stout, full of sweet nuttiness and chewy texture.

2. The Cream of Speyside

Whisky: Benromach 10 year old 43% | 30ml
Beer: Tool Shed Brewing ‘People Skills’ Ale | can

Benromach distillery has revived the Speyside distillery of old. Harking back to a time when most distilleries in the area used peat. This malt is lightly smoky with plenty of sherry notes and a decent about of oaky spice.The “People Skills” ale is a light bodied cream ale from Calgary in Canada. Just a dash of hops and a light clean body. 

3. Waffle cones and Warheads

Whisky: Nikka from the Barrel 51.4% | 30ml
Beer: Brooklyn Brewery ‘Bel Air’ Sour | can

Nikka from the barrel is one of the West’s favourite Japanese whiskies. Not for sale in Japan, this whisky is Nikka reaching out to the world. Sweet vanilla and malten sugars bounce like Tigger of the Brooklyn dry hopped sour. 

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