Boilermaker Mix Pack #1


A flavour matched tasting pack of 3 beers + 3 whiskies

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1. Crème brulee & Plum pie

Whisky: Ardnamurchan Spirit 2017 53.6% | 30ml
Beer: Otherside ‘Harvest’ Red Ale | can

Ardnamurchan is a new distillery owned by the Adelphi independent bottlers. Located on the rugged west coast  there’s notes of peat. Chunky cereal flavours are almost bread like. Perfect to pair with a hoppy red ale from W.A.

2. The Local Boilermaker: The best juice from around Melbourne

Whisky: Starward Nova 41% | 30ml
Beer: Stomping Ground Pale Ale | can

Our go to matching! Starward Nova made in Port Melbourne is full of ripe red fruit and shaved coconut. Pair this with an intensely hoppy pale ale from Stomping ground and you’ve got the best of Melbourne’s malt projects. 

3. Toasty, oatey, chocolate and smoky

Whisky: Port Charlotte 10 year old 50% | 30ml
Beer: Hop Nation ‘Karma’ Oatmeal Stout | can

Intensely peated Port Charlotte from the Bruichladdich distillery on the West Coast island of Islay and Footscrays alley way brewery Hop Nation make for a textural lesson in “SMOOTH”

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