Ben Nevis 10 year old by Chorlton 46% 700ml


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1 of 234 bottles from a single hogshead.


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Release:2021 - 2022

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Bottled for the Hopscotch bar in Liverpool this interesting bottling of Ben Nevis was bottled way back in 2016 and forgotten about in a warehouse. From the famous 1996 distillate at Ben Nevis this single (presumably sherry) hogshead has been reduced in abv at bottling.

Nose: Strawberry yoghurt and old school sherry characteristics. Perhaps it’s a little bit of “old bottle effect” but it’s crept in very quickly if so. Tangerine skins and boiled orange lollies.
Palate: The sherry character is very subtly integrated making for a whisky that could very easily be finished of in a couple of sittings. Lock up all your fellow whisky nerds! Now back to the serious notes, Maccas apple pie and buttered toast.