“Appisky” by Heartwood X Whisky & Alement 61.8% 500ml


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1 of 318 bottles finished in an oloroso sherry cask.



Back in August 2022, the Whisky & Alement crew were on our usual staff trip to Tassie. It’s the morning after a big night in Hobart in the Heartwood bond store, when a couple of slightly sore souls stared at two vats. One of Apple Brandy and one of Malt Whisky. The rest is history as they say, a marriage made to last.

This is a special collaboration bottling. A blend of Fleurieu malt whisky and Charles Oates Apple Brandy. A very “good drink”

Nose: Stewed apple, palm sugar and butter chicken
Palate:Ginger snap biscuits and tarte tartin, lucious on the palate with good length that keeps going and going and going and giving more…
Finish: Waxed oak french table tops, apple glazed danishes sweetness and burnished timber

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