A Speyside distillery 13 year old by Chorlton 64.6% 700ml


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1 of 368 bottles from a single, second fill sherry butt


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Release:2021 - 2022

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This “Speyside distillery” whisky is a product of Glenrothes distillery. Glenrothes in the early 2000’s were in the business of filling casks at a higher than usual alcohol percentage as a way of extracting more influence from them. Usually these were sherry butts, producing some massive drams indeed! In the case of this cask, it was filled into a second fill sherry butt producing a more nuanced sherry character and letting the buttery Glenrothes spirit to shine through.

Nose: Werther’s chewy toffees and creme caramel. Honey joys.
Palate: For 64% this drinks really easy, not hot for a second. Really chewy and creamy, with heaps of butterscotch like characters.