Over the bar: What’s new in November

This is a list of new whiskies selected, tasted and released weekly by our passionate team. We put around 10 whiskies on the bar each week, so our menu is forever changing and evolving and includes a broad selection of new, vintage and independently bottled whiskies.

Here we bring you our tasting notes, and we hope they’ll inspire you to explore the world of whisky further, and give you some great ideas about what to look for the next time you visit the bar.


1. Ben Nevis 18 year old by Brachadair 56.8% Highlands –
Tasting Notes: Red Delicious apples and fresh fennel. Neapolitan ice-cream, chilled berry compote, raspberry jubes with a hint of dank oak. Great balance with a finish of chocolate coated raspberry bullets.

2. Braeval ‘Braes of Glenlivet’ 23 years old by Maltbarn 48.7% Speyside –
Tasting Notes: Apricot nectar, barley sugar and the old hay shed. Lemongrass, honeysuckle, orange rind with an almond skin dryness and a hint of raw spring onion.

3. Bunnahabhain Moine PX 54.6% Islay –
Tasting Notes: Sharp vintage cheddar on the nose. Beef nachos or beef ribs, perfume at a strip club. Gunpowder smoke. An excellent finish of a fancy ham and cheese toasted sandwich!

4. Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 7 57.9% Highlands –
Tasting Notes: Orange Marmalade, dry spice and liqueur chocolates.

5. Glen Scotia Ruby Port Finish 2008 vintage for the Campbeltown Malts Festival 2018 57.8% Campbeltown –
Tasting Notes: Cherry chocolate milkshake, barbecued prawns on a hot Christmas day, cherry ripe. Bagged cement… but the prawn cocktail just keeps on coming! A seafood lovers delight.

6. Inchgower 18 year old by Douglas Laing Old Particular 48.8% Speyside –
Tasting Notes: Chamomile tea with a spoonful of honey. Strawberry and starburst chews. Nectarine, mandarin peel delivered with a lusciously silky month-feel.

7. Lagavulin 12yr bottled 2016 for 200th Anniversary 57.7% Islay –
Tasting Notes: Jalapeno corn bread, crumpets and green peppercorns. Honey glazed ham, earth and green flowers with a little lemon and lime zest.

8. Teeling 10 year old Single Cask by the Irish Whiskey Society 57.6% Ireland –
Tasting Notes: Ovaltine, old wine cellars, instant coffee and Brasso. Chocolate dipped fruit eaten off a rusty fork. Finished with tons of green cardamom.

9. Twenty Third Street Distillery Hybrid Whisky 42.3% Australia –
Tasting Notes: Apple danish and fantails. Caramel ice-cream, a touch of spice and Swedish cinnamon scrolls.

*On pour at Whisky & Alement from Wed 31 Oct



10. SMWS C6.1 Wood fired wonder juice 67.9% Cognac Borderies –
Tasting Notes: Big ripe banana, musk and saltines on the nose. Memories of leather bound books, banana bread, curry leaf, and mustard seed on the palate, ending with a finish of pink pepper.

11. SMWS A4.1 Elegant and inviting 49.1% Bas Armagnac –
Tasting Notes: coming soon

12. SMWS B3.4 Bucking bronco 57% Arkansas (Bourbon) –
Tasting Notes: On the nose strawberry, raspberry lollies, dark plums and forest floor. Raspberries carry through to the palate with the addition of wood tannin and green banana, finishing with a hint of wood spice.

13. SMWS 10.146 Sweet smoky succulent sensation -% Islay –
Tasting Notes: coming soon

14. SMWS 3.308 A maritime meander -% Islay –
Tasting Notes: coming soon

15. SMWS 93.92 Fruit pie in a cleaning cupboard 57.7% Campbeltown –
Tasting Notes: A nose of mineral notes, salt, meaty, custard cream and old leather. Mineral notes of granite carry through on the palate with charcoal chicken, peat, seaweed and industrial notes of burnt coal. A little hint of citrus on the finish.

16. SMWS 10.151 Reminder of the sea 60.3% Islay –
Tasting Notes: A classic salty, floral nose with perfumed peaches and cream. Again peaches on the palate, rich and creamy moving to salted caramel and Weiss bars. A tangy and refreshing finish.

17. SMWS 4.238 Surrender your soul 59.7% Highland –
Tasting Notes: coming soon

18. SMWS 122.23 Highly a-musing 57.7% Highland –
Tasting Notes: Bonito flakes! seaweed, orange oils and charred lemon on the nose. A waxy, maritime palate with an initial big hit of peat finishes with vanilla creaming soda.

19. SMWS PTB.M01 Peat faerie 50% Blended Malt –
Tasting Notes: coming soon

20. SMWS 26.123 Attractive, lively fun 59.4% Highland –
Tasting Notes: A nose of perfumed soap, white flowers and lemon. A light crisp palate of lemon curd, lime zest and soft malt finishes with more soap and white flowers.

21. SMWS 135.7 Yoghurt and fruit candies 58.2% Highland –
Tasting Notes: A nose of sour apple candies, orange oils and boysenberry yoghurt! Delicious oily pastry is delivered on the palate in the form of chicken salt, burnt peaches, fried vegetable gyoza, biscuit and french pastries with a puff of peat.

22. SMWS 123.26 Blossom falling onto sponge cake 61.2% Highland –
Tasting Notes: We suggest a drop of water to open this up. Tasting notes coming soon.

23. SMWS 12.16 Moonlight in New York 59.6% Speyside –
Tasting Notes: One for lolly lovers! A vibrant nose of Tutti Fruity, vanilla, Starbursts, panna cotta and pizza. A more adult rye bread, spice, pizza herbs on the palate finishes with Vegemite and cacao powder.

24. SMWS 63.49 In the dark of the abyss 60.6% Speyside –
Tasting Notes: coming soon

25. SMWS 53.259 Succumb to desire 56.8% Islay –
Tasting Notes: coming soon

26. SMWS 72.64 All sweetness and fight 59.7% Speyside –
Tasting Notes: coming soon

27. SMWS 112.31 One for the low road 58.7% Highland –
Tasting Notes: A nose of rich salted caramel fudge, strawberry and coconut. Milk chocolate, vanilla fudge and hazelnut cream on the palate with a creamy, sweet finish of amaretti biscuits.

28. SMWS 112.29 A little glass of fascination 53.3% Highland –
Tasting Notes: coming soon

29. SMWS 54.67 Sensational sipping 49% Speyside –
Tasting Notes: coming soon

30. SMWS 35.211 Putting on the ritz 53.3% Speyside –
Tasting Notes: coming soon

31. SMWS 9.149 Delightful gravitas 55.1% Speyside –
Tasting Notes: A nose of Cherry Ripe, dusty cupboards, cocao nibs, boot polish and cut grass. Delicious chocolate on the palate accompanied by leather, rich oiled timber, maraschino cherries and green capsicum. A dry piney and green finish.

*On pour at Whisky & Alement from Wed 14 Nov