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Meet the team: Austin “Auzzie” Hill



The Whisky and Alement backbar has been restocked with over fifty new whiskies this week in anticipation of our re-opening in the coming months. We get to know Whisky & Alement Barman Austin Hill as he chats us through his top pick of the new outturn.

Q. Whisky or whiskey?

A.¬†What is an (e) between friends anyway? I hold no bias for spirit based on its classification. I’ve consumed my fair share of good juice and can confidently say you can find a drop from both camps to suit any occasion.

Q. Favourite whisk(e)y destination for travel and the tasty stuff?

A. I can without a doubt say my adventures around Osaka and Kyoto, Japan produced some of the greatest and most memorable experiences I have. A cultural experience that is second to none and certainly one of the great whisky experiences. Kifune Shrine, Yamazaki Distillery, Osaka whisky festival, some of the most quaint and loveable little backstreet bars. I could keep rambling on, but I shouldn’t.

Q. Best lockdown booze delivery service?

A. I’m based north of the city and have the absolute pleasure of living not very far from the dudes and dudettes at Fizz and Hop! Great range, great service, great vibes. And same-day metro delivery! Cannot recommend them enough.

Q. You’ve selected one whisky to feature from the new collection, tell us more!

A.¬†Craigellachie 2008-2017 8 year old bottling by Blackadder for the Highlander Inn, Craigellachie, is an exemplary expression of young Craigellachie spirit. Such a fun, young, spicy cask strenght whisky, perfect for warm summer nights ahead and a beautiful way to celebrate the bar’s return. It screams dried apricots, green melons and creamy vanilla cinnamon sponge cake.

This Craigellachie is part of the Blackadder Raw Cask series, an unfiltered series that boasts “Maximum natural flavour in each and every bottle.”