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Lockdown Whisky Flight: “Fine Funkadelics!”


“Fine Funkadelics!”

A pairing of Funkadelic whisky and fine George Clinton tunes!


This weeks flight is inspired by some of my favourite George Clinton tracks. George Clinton, one of the main innovators of funk music, has inspired my understanding of music, and considering how my love of wild and “Funkadelic” whisky has evolved over the last 10 years, I thought it would be a perfect time to connect the two. While I enjoy the beautifully balanced whiskies, where spirit character stands up to cask character in an elegant pas de deux, I love feeling the expression and depth of something wild, unexpected, and overwhelming. This can be created by someone in the production wanting to express and highlight a unique spirit character. Being able to taste this individual expression creates a similar experience to listening to the connecting songs.


Glenallachie 2014 – 2021 1st fill Madeira Maturation by Wilson & Morgan 46%

Nose: Dried muscat grapes and fresh Molasses. Flambéed and oven cooked honey soy chicken wings. After some time in glass we get some apricot schnapps and an Austrian hot dog. An aperol spritz is hanging out somewhere, with lashings of dried cranberries

Palate: Cheerios with milk and honey hit the front palate hard. A cheese board of funky hard cheese and soft Brie with quince paste hit the mid-palate. Creamed Honey and Apricot butter chicken with wild malted rice. Memories of the Springbank dunnage linger, bringing you back to the nose.

Finish: Beeswax and soy candles.



SMWS 112.69 “Scotch goes West (Indies)” 14 year old refill ex-Jamaican rum barrel finish 58.8%

Nose: Memories of drinking Bounty overproof rum on the poolside in Fiji. Notes of coconut oil, sunscreen and fresh pineapple. This dram also connects me to the memory of eating “Hawaiian” ham steaks with my grandfather. After some time in the glass, loads of slow molasses and nutmeg. A touch of condensed milk caramel brings it back a bit, along with lime zest and tamarind.

Palate: Industrial is the first thing that comes to mind. Rought iron, angle grinders and……an overripe pineapple? It turns into banana bread and walnut slice. That ham steak note comes back, which is then followed separately by the tinned pineapple. Oranges slices cooked in brown sugar for a Christmas ham hit the back palate.

Finish: Foam banana lollies and banana bread.



Tobermory Distillery exclusive 11 year old, 22 month ex-Sherry butt finish 62.4%

Nose: Wow. Classic Tobermory, Charcoal spit lamb, meat bark and pork fat sit in the background under the rich apricot tagine and prune character coming from the sherry finish. Black sea salt and plum jam follow up after some time.

Palate: Memories of growing up next to the steel works, coal smoke and steel shavings. Pork belly seared in peanut oil, flaming brandy over Christmas pudding. Incredibly voluptuous texture.

Finish: Black rock beaches and toasted peanuts.



Bunnahabhain Moine Feis Ile 2021. 8 year old peated ex-Bordeaux cask finish 59.5%

Nose: Texas smoked brisket and hot tar poured on a cold night come to mind on first nose. Opens up to smoked plums and hot sauna rocks. Fresh tobacco and smoked haddock come through after some time in glass.

Palate: Blueberry skins and burning sugar hit the front palate, which quickly dries right out to a red earth and 90% dark chocolate. A touch of brandy butter and kirsch liqueur on the second sip. Overall classic peated Bunnahabhain.

Finish: Steaming coals and burnt raspberries.



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