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Lockdown Whisky Flight: “Well ‘ello, ‘ello, ELO!”


“Well ‘ello, ‘ello, ELO!”

Time to shed some light on these electrifying whiskies with the Electric Light Orchestra!


It was recently made clear to us that, while everyone may unconsciously know ELO, not everyone knows “ELO”. Let us change this. The Electric Light Orchestra were a group that wanted to make modern rock and pop music, but instead of using modern musical instruments as the focus, the focus would be placed on orchestral instruments such as the violin, cello, woodwind and horns. To compliment this, I have paired some of my favourite tracks to classic whisky styles with an electrifying twist!


Glenburgie 21 year old, 1998 – 2019 by High Spirits 46%

Nose: Mango tarts and pineapple rings start us out on this wild ride. After some time in the glass we start to see some beautiful floral notes, like dandelions and sunflowers, followed by a flinty note. A classic from this unsung hero.

Palate: On the front palate we are met with dried apple muesli with Greek yoghurt, which quicky turns into a pineapple skin tepache for a quick second before drying out on the mid and back palate. On the mid to back palate we are met with fermented honey and sourdough bread, a pine needle covered forest floor, and under-ripe green apples. Brilliant journey and texture for 46%. So very pleased with this dram.

Finish: Very dry, butter menthols and fresh hay.



SMWS 68.55 “Sweet coquetry with whispers of oak” 9 year old, bottled for the Highland whisky festival 2021, 57.5%

Nose: Very bright for this distillery, Meyer lemon zest, fresh coconut husk, tinned fruit salad with Greek yoghurt. After some time a few earthy notes come through like slate tiles and terracotta tea pots, followed by lemon cream biscuits and pink finger bun icing.

Palate: Apricot delight and under-ripe peaches hit the front palate hard, followed up by boiled barley sugars. Mid palate opens to creamy porridge with brown sugar dusted on top and vanilla slice. Really well balanced oak profile for a whisky of this age.

Finish: Very dry finish again. Notes of chalk candy and fruit roll-ups.


  • Song: Livin’ Thing
  • Album: A new world record
  • Artist: Electric Light Orchestra


Secret Speyside 26 year old, ex-sherry hogshead by the Whisky Agency for Three Rivers Tokyo 49.3%

Nose: This is old school sherry cask whisky, prunes, brandy butter, leather, kola nut, sarsaparilla, tung oil, black cherry schnapps, marshmallow root…. I could go on forever. But there a few extra things that brighten up this whisky, like blood orange zest and mango skins. I think I could nose this whisky all day.

Palate: Pretty consistent on the palate, huge old school sherry vibes. Similar notes from the nose to the palate, sarsaparilla, prunes, brandy butter, fresh tobacco leaves and leather. This whisky just hits every part of the palate, a very beautiful texture, silky soft tannins. A feint meaty note on the back palate.

Finish: Dry nutmeg and glazed fruit tarts.


  • Song: Mr. Blue Sky
  • Album: Out of the blue
  • Artist: Electric Light Orchestra

Longrow Red 13 year old Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon cask 51.6%

Nose: This nose is a wild ride from rich red fruit, to barbequed vegetable to earthy funk. Dried strawberries, mango, tamarillo, fuji apples come through on the top of the glass, and then the earthy dunnage funk from the middle of the glass, with notes of black rock beaches, a feint mushroom character, which is all brought together by barbequed red capsicum.

Palate: Wow, this remind me of the cellar at Springbank, earthy, funky, peat comes from every direction, and a strange amount of fruit. Strawberry jam on the front palate, a touch of blackberry and then incredibly dry and earthy, that black rock beach note comes through on the mid palate.

Finish: Smoked red capsicum and red currants


  • Song: Turn to Stone
  • Album: Out of the blue
  • Artist: Electric Light Orchestra