Celebrating 10 Years

2020! A new decade. Not only that, but 2020 means celebrating 10 years of Whisky & Alement. Over the past 10 years, we have hosted incredible people, drank unforgettable drams and forged memories that will last a lifetime. Join us as we celebrate our 10th birthday through ten events, and one – very large – Chez Regine party. Keep reading for details…

Friday 27 March
4pm – 5am

To commemorate the opening of Whisky & Alement on March 12th 2010, we will be kicking off the birthday celebrations with Chez Regine Revival. Whisky & Alement by another name, jazz-infused and with an air of 1950s Paris, Chez Regine was our cosy hospitality hub that started it all. March 27th of 2020 will see the old bar crew don their steadiest hand once again, to step back behind the Whisky & Alement stick. Alumni guest appearances every hour and 5am closing time, paired with $10 boilermakers, $5 beers and 20% off the back bar… what could go wrong?


10 in 10: 10 events over 10 months

Throughout 2020, Whisky & Alement will be hosting 10 unique events, one per month, to celebrate 10 years. These events will see special guests welcomed, closed distilleries explored, unicorn casks and bucket list bottlings, an event for every occasion. Find details below, and save the date! 



1: Bar White Oak Revival
Thursday 12 March 2020 

In 2016, Bar White Oak was the largest Japanese whisky collection in Australia, and it was all located within Whisky & Alements front booth by the window. Join Kevin Griffin of Nikka Whisky alongside our own Julian White, as we perform a deep dive into Japanese whisky and what shaped it into what it is today, and crack open one of the rarest Japanese whisky bottles in the world – Hanyu Noh Cask #6066. Tickets now on sale.


Image via whiskyledger.com


2: Founders Favourites
Thursday 23 April 2020

For the past 10 years, Brooke Hayman and Julian White have lived and breathed Whisky & Alement, and by god, they have worn many hats in that time! Taking on the role of spirit judges, importers, mentors to their staff and patrons, but most importantly, friends to all who come through the Whisky & Alement door. Join us in celebrating a formidable legacy by opening some of their favourite whiskies, celebrate with the founders of one of the worlds leading whisky bars. Tickets on sale March.


3: Closed Distilleries
Thursday 14 May 2020

The ’80s were a hard time for whisky lovers, but distillery closures are not unusual. The 1830s – 1850s brought an immense cull. 40 distilleries were closed permanently in the 1920s alone, and in 1933 there were only two malt distilleries in operation. The fate of most Campbeltown distilleries and some smaller Islay distilleries were too sealed, as blenders followed the changing palate of the consumer.

The whisky industry has boomed, the whisky industry has busted, and we would be naive to believe it won’t happen again. While in the midst of an incredible boom, join us as we look back on bottlings from distilleries lost. Tickets on sale in April.

Port Ellen, via ScotchWhisky


4: Whisky & Alement x Starward x Hop Nation: Double Chardonnay Cask LAUNCH!
Wednesday 10 June 2020

Australia’s first double chardonnay cask, brought to you by Whisky & Alement, Starward and Hop Nation. A double cask of delicacy, four years in the making! As far as we know, the Whisky & Alement double chardonnay cask is the first single malt whisky to be aged in two chardonnay casks exclusively. 

The project has matured under the supervision of Starward until May 2020, before being bottled for this very event. Join Julian White, and Jarrad Huckshold (Master of Blending & Downstream, Starward) in launching the Whisky & Alement, Double Chardonnay Cask. Tickets on sale in May.


5: Aussie Drams of the Decade
Thursday 16 July 2020.

How quickly the modern Australian whisky industry has grown. Looking back to the first Whisky & Alement staff trip to Tasmania in 2012, there was only a handful operating distilleries, now, that number has climbed over 40 (that count is not including distilleries on the mainland!)

Whisky & Alement co-founders, Brooke Hayman and Julian White have been avid spirit judges in Australia and overseas for a number of years. However, they’ve taken the spirit judge hats off for this one, and are simply excited to revel in our personal favourites. Join us for a celebration of the incredible Australian whisky industry via archive releases of Whisky & Alements top Aussie drams of the decade. Tickets on sale in June.


6: Feis Ile Forever
Thursday 20 August 2020

For two years, Whisky & Alement have been proud to present a tribute to Feis Ile in our little bar. While the third year is set to be a big one, we couldn’t let our 10th year pass by without a tribute to the island of peat! So, on top of this year’s Feis Ile tribute, we’ve gone ahead and selected some of our favourite bottlings from years past to open and share; our Feis Ile Favourites. Tickets on sale in July.


7: The Italians: Masam/Silvano Samaroli. Celebrating Indie Whisky Co.
Thursday 17 September 2020

Whisky & Alement co-founder Julian White has been silently importing incredible whiskies via our importing arm, Indie Whisky Co. Largely sought after, almost inaccessible, and, at times, the only bottles in Australia, the lions share of Indie Whisky Co. imports have always been those of Silvano Samaroli. We are incredibly proud to share parts of Silvano Samaroli’s legacy with you, and by the grace of his life-partner Maryse, Masam Samaroli lives. Tickets on sale in August.


8: Old Glenmorangies with Matt Bailey
Thursday 8 October 2020

Allow one modern release to set the tone for 5 vintages to follow, dating back 30+ years. Apricots, sherbet, toffee and vanilla. Join Matt Bailey of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society as we taste mostly old and a little new from one of Scotlands most lauded distilleries: Glenmorangie. Tickets on sale in September.


9: The Future is Now
Thursday 26 November 2020

While our beloved industry booms once again, we look forward to the future of single malt whisky. Without giving too much away, this is going to be a big one… Tickets on sale in October.


10: 10 Whisky Icons That Shaped Us
Thursday 19 December 2020

It’s been an incredible journey, and while it’s about the whisky, of course, it’s all about the people. These people mean a lot to us, and have helped shape our little bar into what it is today. Join us in celebrating the minds that made all this possible by tasting and talking through 10 whiskies, each one hand-selected and presented by our whisky icons. Tickets on sale in November.