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An Exclusive Kinglake Whisky: Made for Melbourne

In 1820 a teenage John Walker managed his family grocery, wine and spirits shop in Kilmarnock. At that time it was common for small grocers to stock the local single malts which inherently were somewhat inconsistent and the blending of grain and malt whiskies was still prohibited until 1860.
So John began to blend together these single malts for consistency, but more importantly he blended a flavour that the local people of Kilmarnock wanted from their whisky.

The exclusive Kinglake distillery 80/20 Rule was selected and blended for the palates and people of Melbourne. The methodology behind this is that 80% of the flavours from any given single cask can only cater to 20% of a harmonious and complete blendĀ that captures the distilleries range of flavours. So we’ve twisted that rule to try and blend in a second set of flavours that balance out and subsidise those flavours which deserve to be part of a distilleries bottling.

In August of 2023, Shane, Lachie and Jules took it upon themselves to follow in the footsteps of John Walker and blend a whisky for the local Melbournian palate. A chewy, malty backbone wrapped in vanilla and caramel. A whiff of smoke and finish that grips the palate with a bunch of dried fruits in the background.
These are exactly the elements they went hunting for in the Kinglake bond store. Once these were located, it was time to blend for that perfect harmony. As fate would have it, that sweet spot was 80% ex-Bourbon barrelĀ and 20% French oak ex-Tawny cask.

Kinglake 80 / 20 Rule by Whisky & Alement
Distilled 7/12/20, Bottled 9/10/23, 52% 500ml
95 bottles produced, 69 remaining

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